Thursday, May 3

Fresh Turkey Taco Salads

I know I've already posted about avocados and tomatoes once this week, but with Cinco de Mayo coming up on Saturday, it seemed like the perfect time for a post about one of my favorite easy dinners - fresh turkey taco salads.

The origin is actually the recipe from early April about Teriyaki Asian Tacos.  I mentioned without much explanation that I named the dish "Asian Tacos" because it was so similar to how I do real tacos.  Since I've talked about it several times, I thought I'd officially share what tacos look like in these parts. 

And they look like this...


Turkey Taco Salads!

It's not earth shattering.  Just a collection of fresh, slightly more healthy ingredients that make this my go-to when I'm short on time or ideas for dinner.

Exhausted after work but want something healthy and filling?  Turkey tacos. 

Just landed at the airport after a week visiting family for the holidays?  First stop - pick up the dog.  Second stop - grocery store for milk and the ingredients for turkey tacos.

And as you've probably noticed, it's in salad form.  Sometimes I switch it up and eat it as an actual taco, instead of with a fork.  But most of the time it's like this.

The main ingredients that make this so awesome are fresh avocados and tomatoes.  The avocados add a silky smoothness to the salad that pares well with the crunchy texture of the tortilla chips.  The tomatoes add a nice burst of flavor and moisture.


Simple touches but they make a big difference in my opinion.  Besides the addition of the fresh ingredients, I use ground turkey instead of ground beef and then your standard low sodium taco seasoning packets.  I also use shredded lettuce and add some shredded cheese and a layer of crushed tortilla chips.

I LOVE how fresh this tastes and am not kidding when I say I eat this 2 or 3 times a month depending on how busy we are.  I especially love this because it's one of those dishes that Roy makes.  Makes a busy day even better!  And this would be perfect for Cinco de Mayo if you're more interested in drinking your calories instead of eating them!

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