Cookbooks I Love

Some of the cookbooks that I can't live without. 

How Easy Is That?
Ina Garten

I love Ina and these are some of her best and yet, most simple recipes.  I feel instantly more elegant just by flipping through this cookbook and I love the recipes I've tried.

Fresh Food Fast
Cooking Light

If I was going to have my own cooking show, the title of this cookbook would be my food point of view.  It serves as inspiration as much as it serves as a book of recipes.

Everyday Food:  Great Food Fast
Martha Stewart

This is an incredible cookbook, especially for beginners.  It's organized by season and provides a lot of good instruction on the basics - like making vinaigrettes, couscous, how to cook meat, baking a chicken, you get the point.  My copy is dog eared to high heaven.

Hungry Girl 1-2-3
Lisa Lillien

Hungry Girl takes healthy eating to a whole new level.  Her recipes are easy but they've been hit or miss.  But the ones that are hits have ended up being staples, so I think it's worth sharing.  She also does a great daily email with helpful tips, low-cal versions of famous recipes and ingredient substitutions.

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