Friday, April 8

Possibly the only time it pays to order a small?

Last Friday I blogged about one of my favorite things on earth - Chicago dogs.  I saw this short article yesterday and felt it was an interesting follow up on ballpark eating and drinking.

Stadiums Sell Beer at Unfair Rates (YumSugar)

[Insert deadpan voice here]  It's absolutely shocking that we're getting ripped off, right??  I typically drink the small beers anyway, given that I live squarely in the light weight category.  But I'll definitely be doing some "comparison shopping" of my own the next time I head to Wrigley. 

Have you looked at the ratio of beer price to quantity at a ballpark?  Are there any other situations that an eater like me should know about?  Like, how getting the smaller milkshake or the single serving of keylime pie actually ends up being a better deal for more than just my waist?

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