Saturday, April 9

A bad bet

The Master's is this weekend.  It's one of golf's majors and it's a pretty major deal in my world too.  It's something my family has been actively celebrating for the past 10 years.  A chance for us to get together with family and friends and eat and drink.  Like Halloween or the 4th of July ...just minus America's Independence.  Or costumes.

We're having a Southern themed Masters Sunday Party this year and I'll be posting the recipes over the next few weeks. 

This year the Royfriend and Little Brother made a bet.  A bad bet, if you're Little Brother.  And unfortunately, Little Brother has not realized this yet. 

Little Brother and Royfriend

On Thursday, Royfriend called Little Brother and offered him 2 players or the field for a $10 bet.  Little Brother selected 2 players, meaning he'd get to pick 2 players and if either of them won, he'd win the $10.  The Royfriend got the field so if anyone one other than those 2 players wins, he's $10 richer. 

It doesn't sound exactly fair does it?  It actually sounds a lot like the kind of scam a big brother would pull on a younger sibling.  Neither Royfriend or Little Brother have a biological brother.  It's so sweet that they have each other now :) 

Little Brother selected Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. By Friday night it was obvious that Tiger was in the hunt but there were also a handful of unexpected contenders.  Little Brother reached out to the Royfriend to discuss refining the terms of the bet and picking up an unexpected contender.

Just to make sure you're following this at home... little brother is contacting big brother... to talk about adding the tournament leader to his bet... half way through the tournament.

As the big brother, Royfriend couldn't let this opportunity pass.  He and Little Brother agreed to a new bet.  Little Brother picked up the leader, Rory McIlroy, and Royfriend got the field (again).  Another $10.  Not a part of the earlier bet.

Meaning that yes, the Royfriend wins here either way.  And there are substantial odds that he wins both bets given that he has all but 3 of the players.  I'm not sure Little Brother has figured this out yet.

While this bet involves money, there's about a 1% chance that cash will actually change hands.  Like most sibling rivalries (biological or otherwise), it's all about pride

There's a lot on the line.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this one turns out!

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