Thursday, April 28

Recap: Masters Sunday Party

When I describe a sporting event as a family tradition and akin to America's birthday, like I did when I talked about the Masters golf tournament a few weeks ago, you should assume that food, drinks and a party will ensue.

This year I was inspired by a friend who had recently cooked us a traditional Irish meal for St. Patrick's day. Since the Masters tournament takes place in Augusta, GA and because I love bbq almost as much as I love Hokie football and cupcakes... a Southern theme seemed obvious.

I tried to carry the theme from appetizers to dessert but it's kind of hard to serve an entire Southern meal and not have people falling asleep on your couch. We're watching golf after all, it practically begs you to fall into a food coma!

So I modified it a bit. For appetizers I made caprese salad on golf tees, french onion dip with chips and pimento cheese sandwiches (for a bit of Augusta authenticity). The picture below shows the grape tomatoes and mozzarella balls on the golf tees but not dressed with balsamic and olive oil. Forgot to snap a shot after that, whoops!

For dinner I made lazy woman's pulled pork BBQ with 2 sauces, cole slaw, corn spoon bread (a family favorite) and a side salad.

And for dessert... a dump cake, one of the easiest desserts you'll ever make!

Never one to miss any action, Foster stayed front and center for all the cooking, hoping that we'd stumble over him and drop some food. 


The food and friends were fantastic and if you watched the final round, you were treated to some great golf (unless you were Rory McIlroy that is). I love nothing more than a race to the finish on the back nine. Except maybe a sudden death playoff. Or BBQ.

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