Tuesday, April 19

My favorite part of Boston

I'm in Boston this week running an event for work.  There will be less cooking and more organized chaos in my world until Friday.  There will also be pastry!  Becauase you can't go to Boston and not get some amazing pastry or dessert in the North End.

Seriously, look at that pastry counter!  I think it's physically impossible to leave Mike's Pastry, a North End Boston legend, without some kind of sweet treat.  Last time I was here I grabbed 2 Boston Creme Puffs, intending to take them back to Chicago to share with the Royfriend.

Unfortuantely, only one creme puff made it on the plane.  I plead the 5th on the whereabouts of the second one, although I suspect it disappeared sometime after dinner while I waited for my flight to take off.

I gave the second creme puff to the Royfriend when I got back to Chicago and immediately began cautioning him that it would probably be too sweet for his taste and it was ok if he didn't like it despite that fact that I'd just carried it all the way from the eastern United States. 

By the time I finished my speech and turned around he'd already eaten half of it.  Foster the Monster campaigned for a bite but ultimately had to settle for a dog treat.  It wasn't for lack of trying though!

Be back next week with some new stuff!

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