Monday, November 21


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays for several reasons, the least of which being that it's a holiday geared around food and family and it celebrates the "attitude of gratitude" mentality. 

I also like that unlike Christmas, it has a late start time :)  Growing up my younger brother was ALWAYS awake and ready to open presents at 5:30 AM.  His internal clock for opening presents mirrors that of Foster's for dinner being served precisely at 5:00:01 PM thankyouverymuch.


Even as he got older, sleeping in meant that he wouldn't come storming into my room until 7 AM.  Most people eat a bit later in the day on Thanksgiving so you can take your time... sleep in a bit, grab some coffee, and then get the bird in the oven.  [says the girl who has only cooked a turkey once in her life, and even then, got booted from the project around lunchtime]

Preparing the turkey the one year I was allowed to touch it.  And contrary to this photo, I am not suffering from a teenage pregnancy nor the freshman 15. Just a really bad camera angle.

I haven't had time to make much of a Thanksgiving fuss on the blog because I have literally been traveling and working my butt off since Halloween with just a few stops at home to do laundry and repack the suitcase.  I certainly can't complain because part of it was for vacation and I got to see friends and family along the way.  But despite my efforts to write and preload some posts, the blog still ended up abandoned and without the pomp and circumstance that a holiday which is focused on food, like Thanksgiving, deserves. 

The few times I have been home and around to cook I've whipped up delectable dishes like hot dogs and mac n' cheese or turkey tacos.  Although delightful, not exactly blog material... :) 

For me this year, Thanksgiving will be about the same things that I've always loved... food, family and grateful introspection.  But it will also be about setting the reset button.  Ok, or continuing the reset I started in Iceland.  Hey, work hard, play hard! 

I've found that knowing when to step back and walk away from things like email, a to-do list and fretting over Christmas shopping is empowering.  Learning how to indulge in a long walk chasing squirrels at the park or lingering over brunch with friends or spending the day with a good book pays dividends. And it refreshes me to be much more effective when I eventually do tackle whatever it is I've got on my plate.

So this Thanksgiving I'm going to forgo the normal guilt trip that I'd give my type-A self and leave the to-do lists where they lay.  I'm going to pick up with that reset button where I left off in Iceland and let life pay out some of those natural dividends you get from food prepared with love, time with friends and a little bit of R&R. 

I'll be back and recharged to tackle work, life, and my folder full of new recipes when the real world starts again on Monday the 28th.  I hope everyone finds time to do the same and that hitting the reset button is as good for you as I know it's going to be for me.

Be thankful.

The Eater

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