Sunday, October 16

The Eater Stands Corrected

The last 2 weekends have fallen squarely on the crazy side.  There were late nights in Wrigleyville, carb loading dinners with Chicago marathon runners, some serious fruit ninja competitions, long stretches watching football and eating bar food, and then yesterday a 1 AM reservation on court 3 at Whirly Ball. 

It also included some delicious homemade chili from friends John and Kylie.  Chili made with real ground beef and bacon.  Chili topped with ingredients that may be one of the best kept secrets in America (avocados and tomatoes, WHO KNEW!?!).  Chili so good that it makes me want to take down my yummy turkey chili recipe and call it a fraud

It's no secret I'm drawn to recipes with lots of veggies and I like to use healthier ingredients when possible.  But this weekend I lay down my healthy inclinations and worship at the altar of "please don't share the nutritional values and ruin this meal for me". 

As flavorful as I thought my turkey chili was, it pales in comparison to chili with real ground beef.   Ok, and bacon.  Throw in homemade cornbread with bacon and green chilis (makes it so moist!!) plus the chili topping options of cheese, avocados, tomatoes, scallions, sour cream and cilantro... basically trips to John and Kylie's have become like a visit to a foodie version of the Pentagon. What new national food secret am I going to learn this time?  I want to move in. 

So the Eater stands corrected.  There is a time to eat right and there is a time to eat like it's going out of style.  I'll eat my veggies tomorrow.  Tonight we throw out the ground turkey chili recipe and play Whirly Ball!


UPDATE:  Roy just woke up from a nap (despite partying like we're 20, our bodies make us acutely aware of the fact that we are not, in fact, 20 years old).  He would prefer that I not toss out all the veggies and ground white meats in favor of the artery clogging faves just yet.  So I came up with the idea of adding a bit of beef stock to the turkey chili recipe to impart some additional flavor.  Roy is on board so I'm hoping that the stock along with a stick or two of bacon will pump up the flavor.  I'll keep you posted!  xoxo

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