Wednesday, June 15

The one where I meet my girl crush

Oh, what's that?  That blurry photo right there?  It's just me and Carla Hall from Top Chef hanging out.  No big deal.

LIES!  It's a HUGE deal!  I just met Carla from Top Chef!  Insert all kinds of girly squeals here.

She happens to be doing some cooking demonstrations at a tradeshow that I'm attending this week. I knew she'd be doing demos in the exhibit hall and I was just hoping I'd be able to catch one in between the chaos that is running my company's booth.

But when I came in to check on something during set up today, she was just quietly preparing her station.  So I seized the opportunity to snap into starry eyed fan mode and went over to say hello. 

And confess that I have a girl crush on her.

She was amazing.  So nice, so sweet.  Happy to accommodate my gushing over how much I adore her and her concept of cooking with love and how the world needs more Carla Hall!  She even indulged me with that blurry photo.  The only way it could have been better is if I was actually eating some of her food.  She rocks.

Unfortunately, the exhibit hall is calling my name so it's back to work.  New recipes coming next week!


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