Saturday, July 2

Quick Tip - cutting watermelon

I love watermelon, but I hate the mess it makes when I'm cutting it up at home.  The juice ends up everywhere and invariably, someone walks thru it and spreads it around the rest of the house.  And my OCD personality just can't handle it.

Late last summer I brought home a cool yellow watermelon from the farmers market and was digging around for a cutting board which I conveniently store right next to my bacon cooking dishes.  That's right.  I said dishes.  Plural.  As in more than one.  I don't mess around with bacon.

The larger bacon dish caught my eye and immediately a light bulb went off. If I cut the watermelon on the raised edges in the dish, the juice would all run down the tray and collect at the end, where the bacon fat normally goes. The sticky, messy juice would stay contained, there would be less to clean up, and everyone would be happy!

Flash forward through the long winter to a few weeks ago when the Royfriend brought home a 10 lb watermelon from the store.   What's that you say?  A 10 lb watermelon for just the two of you?  Are you secretly competing to be the next Duggar family?  No, no we are not.  Apparently someone had a case of "my eyes are bigger than my stomach, my fridge, and all the tupperware in my house".

Anyway, turns out Mr. Engineer thought my idea was pretty brilliant.  And I was beyond excited about how little mess came from that 10 lb watermelon.  Everybody wins!

The Eater

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