Tuesday, May 31

Being Foster's "Furever Home"

A year ago this month I forced Roy's hand on the great dog debate.  We'd been talking about it for nearly a year with Roy remaining firmly in the "not happening" camp.  He had valid reasons.  We live in a condo with no backyard, in a part of the country known for it's gnarly winters, meaning we'd have to walk this dog 3 times a day, every day.  Even when it was -10 or snowing.

I continued to fight the good fight, talking about how great a dog would be.  An excuse to get outside and exercise, something to help us unwind and relax at the end of stressful days, a reason to leave the bar before last call.  These discussions, they were heated.

It's tough to know exactly what turned Roy, whether it was my perseverance and don't-quit attitude or the fact that I sneakily showed him some photos of dogs available for adoption during a Deadliest Catch commercial break, got his input on what he preferred, and then turned in an adoption application the very next morning before he could stop me.  By the time we went to meet Foster that weekend, it was all over.  How can you say no to that face?  It's impossible.  You can't.  Scientists are working on proving that theory right now.

So to celebrate Foster being a part of the family for a year, I thought I'd share a few photos that most people haven't seen before, some shots that haven't made it to Facebook.  This will give you a taste of what life is really like with Foster the Monster.

"Socks.  What socks??"

"I'm sorry, did you want to do work?"

Snow is not as evil as it seems, the snow piles get Foster closer to the tops of the trees where the squirrels live

Must be touching. Always.

Keeping warm on a cold day (don't worry, I turned the space heater off and moved it away from the dog as soon as I snapped the photo, I'm not as irresponsible as these photos make it seem)

Foster likes to hold midday meetings with Roy when he works from home.  He negotiates for more treats and lobbies for "second breakfast".

Can you spot the little black dog who is "helping" me get my work done?

Again, must always be touching.  Even if it requires sleeping like this.

What, your dog doesn't use the desk in the spare bedroom as a jungle gym?

Now that we've made it through a full year, including a looong Chicago winter and a crappy spring, I can say that I wouldn't have changed anything.  We're glad to have you with us little buddy. 

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  1. Tenley and Foster have some of the same habits! He is adorable and I love the captions :)