Thursday, February 9

Grilled Cheese Makeover

I love grilled cheese.  It's one of my favorite food groups, along with chocolate chip cookies.  I'm pretty sure half my meal plan freshman year went to grilled cheese and mashed potatoes at Owens.  And grilled cheese is what I order from room service the night before every big work event. 

Last month my beloved grilled cheese got a makeover.  It's very simple - mustard

My Mom had suggested adding mustard earlier in the fall and then over the holidays I had cheese toasts at a cute bar in New York City that were oozing with mustard and covered in bubbly cheese.  AMAZING! 

I replicated at home using deli mustard (a grainy mustard is best) and a combo of Munster cheese and cheddar cheese.  Butter the outside of the slices like you normally would but spread a fair amount of mustard on the inside of the slices and then layer with cheese and deli meat.  I make my grilled cheese over lower heat and cover the pan with a bit of foil to help melt the cheese.  And those are some delicious Alexia frozen sweet potato fries in the background, which are quickly becoming one of my new favorite things! 



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  1. I love those Alexia fries too! So yummy!